10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (2024)

Christmas is a big deal in Africa, and it’s celebrated with gusto. But if you’re not familiar with the traditions, it can be a little daunting. So we’ve put together some traditional recipes to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (1)

African Christmas Recipes

Get into the Christmas spirit with these African-inspired Recipes. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping main dish or a sweet and indulgent treat, this recipe is sure to impress your guests and add a unique flair to your holiday feast. Happy cooking, and Merry Christmas!

Not to worry, I have included Main meals, Sides, Dinners, Deserts, and Drinks in these holiday meals to make your Christmas celebrations extra special.

Here are my 15 African Inspired Christmas recipes you might want to try.

Christmas is just around the corner, and you are probably planning your menu. Why not give your menu an African twist this year? We’ve rounded up a list of African Christmas recipes that will have you in the holiday spirit with every bite. Here are some of our favorites:

1. East African Pilau

Experience the vibrant flavors of East Africa with the delicious pilau, made with aromatic spices and a medley of vegetables. This comforting and satisfying rice dish is the perfect side for Christmas. Serve this tasty main course with any choice of protein, such as chicken, lamb, or seafood.

2. Coconut fried rice

This Christmas, indulge in the tropical flavors of coconut fried rice, featuring fluffy rice cooked in broth with a hint of creamy coconut milk. Perfect as a side dish or a main course. This delicious and satisfying recipe has a perfect combo of colors, flavors, and texture. Yummy!

3. Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a popular dish in North Africa that consists of eggs poached in a flavorful spicy tomato sauce. Wake up to the bold and flavorful taste of shakshuka served with warm pita or crusty bread on Christmas day. You will enjoy it.

4. West African Fufu

If you prefer to take swallows for Christmas, satisfy your cravings with a bowl of fufu, a traditional West African staple made from Cassava root. Pair it with a savory stew or soup like okro, egusi, ogbono, or ewedu (jute leave). It is a satisfying and delicious dish that is perfect for any time.

5. Sadza

Try authentic and flavorful sadza, a traditional Southern African dish made from hearty cornmeal. Perfect as a side dish or as the main component of a meal, this simple and satisfying recipe is sure to become a new favorite this Christmas.

6. Pepper soup

Warm up with a bowl of spicy African pepper soup, made with a blend of aromatic pepper soup spices, Goat meat cutlets or chunks, and other beautiful condiments. It delivers a bold African flavor you will enjoy on Christmas day.

7. Moimoi

Indulge in this savory traditional West African dish made with a mixture of beans and spices steamed to perfection. A perfect on-the-go meal or tasty side dish for Christmas. It is delicious, easy to make, and inexpensive.

8. Nigerian Meatpie

How about making some classic meat pies? You can prepare ahead for this by buying your ground beef or mincing your own Meat a couple of days before Christmas and freezing it. You can even make the pie filling a day or two ahead. Pop it into a suitable container, freeze it and thaw it when you are ready to use it. As for the pie dough, you can make it a day before, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and place in the fridge as well until you are ready to use it.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (2)

9. African Egg Roll

African Egg roll is a simple snack that can also be served as breakfast wth a cup of tea on a Christmas morning. It’s so easy to make.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (3)

10. Buns

I cannot talk about Christmas and not mention buns. Easy to mix and fries in no time.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (4)

11. Puff puff

Grace your table with spongy deep-fried dough. You will be glad you did. This puff puff recipe has a zing to it. Click and see.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (5)

12. Sparkling Zobo/ Sorrell drink

Christmas drink recipes are a favorite part of Christmas recipes.Surprise your family and guests by making this satisfying sparkling zobo recipe. You can definitely make this ahead and chill it as long as you don’t finish it up before Christmas day 🙂10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (6)

13. Lemon ginger Pineapple Juice

This is something I like to make during the festive season. Not because it’s only refreshing but because it can satisfy your craving for alcoholic drinks, and it also helps your digestion after eating the rich Christmas meals. This can also be made ahead and chilled in the fridge till needed.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (7)

It is very easy to make, and it will definitely satisfy your cake cravings. You can bake this a day or two ahead, wrap it up tightly and place it in the fridge.

14. Salad

Salad is a side meal that is loved during festive seasons. You can prepare this classic Nigerian salad ahead by cutting and dicing all the Vegetables a day before.

Cover it up with plastic wrap or a cling film and keep it in the fridge. The following day, just throw in the baked beans, sweet corn, the boiled eggs and add the dressing.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (8)

15. Pounded Yam

Pounded Yam is one meal that some families cannot do without during the festive season. I have a simple way of making this to prevent you from sweating while pounding.

All you need is a mixer! Pounded yam can be served with egusi soup, Ogbono soup, okro soup, or

10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (9)

16. Nigerian Fried Rice:

Nigerian fried rice is a simple, delicious, and nutritious meal. Great recipe for a Nigerian Christmas lunch or dinner. I promise your guests will be wowed by this recipe!!! 10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (10)

17. Nigerian Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a popular West African dish. It is made mainly with rice, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and spices. The Jollof Rice is very easy to prepare and cooks quickly. This recipe is for the Nigerian Jollof Rice.10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (11)

18: Mashed Potatoes:

Mashed potato recipe is a tradition for some during the Christmas season. I want to challenge you this time to make your mash a little fancier by adding sweet corn and peas. This is the African mashed potatoes called Irio. Perfect for Christmas dinner!

10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (12)

Remember preparing ahead is the key to spending less time in the kitchen on Christmas day. All you should be doing on Christmas day is either warming up already cooked meals or finishing up the cooking you have previously prepared for.

All the cutting, dicing, and slicing should have been done prior to Christmas day so that you can have enough time to hang around with your loved ones.

I hope these African Christmas recipe Ideas will make your Christmas a memorable one.

May our homes be filled with dancing

May our streets be filled with joy

From this time forth and forever more. Amen




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10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (13)

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10 christmas recipes and ideas to try this season (2024)


What is the most popular Christmas dinner item? ›

Overall the traditional Christmas dinner classic, the turkey, is far and away the winner for most popular festive food.

What is the best Christmas dinner to make? ›

  • Lasagna. Regina Schrambling. ...
  • Easy. Prime Rib Roast. ...
  • Pepperpot. Millie Peartree. ...
  • Jansson's Temptation (Creamy Potato Casserole) Eric Kim, Jens Linder, Johanna Westman. ...
  • Christmas Glazed Ham. Yotam Ottolenghi. ...
  • Vegan Jackfruit Pernil. Christina Morales, Lyana Blount. ...
  • Easy. Cola-Braised Beef With Chile-Lime Onions. ...
  • Easy.

What is the must have food during Christmas? ›

From classic roast turkey to roast potatoes, indeed, some festive foods are much more preferred than others. As well as festive staples – such as pigs in blankets, parsnips, and Christmas pud – it turns out some of us even enjoy chips at our big feast, as well as Yorkshire pudding.

What is the main dish of most Americans for Christmas dinner? ›

Classic American Christmas Food Ideas for the Holidays

Typically, it features a poultry centerpiece, with turkey being the prevailing choice, complemented by rich gravy and a selection of timeless side dishes.

What is the number one Christmas meal? ›

According to a 2020 survey, turkey's the main event for 73% of Americans, with prime rib (69%), roast beef (66%), steak (65%), chicken (64%), roast pork (64%) and ham (62%) also coming in as popular contenders.

What is a traditional Christmas dinner menu? ›

Traditional Christmas foods are very similar to Thanksgiving and consists of roast turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and pies such as apple or pumpkin. Other non-traditional main dish favorites are ham, roast beef or lasagna.

What is the most popular Christmas meat dish? ›

1. Turkey. Let's admit it, a whole turkey is the best and most traditional meat for Christmas dinners. Originally gracing our plates in the 16th century, popular history tells of King Henry VIII being the first English monarch to have turkey for Christmas.

What is a good dish to take for a Christmas party? ›

Some popular options include:
  • Appetizers: Cheese and crackers, shrimp co*cktail, deviled eggs, bruschetta, meatballs, and spinach dip 1 2. ...
  • Main dishes: Roast beef, ham, turkey, lasagna, prime rib, and salmon 1 2 .
  • Side dishes: Mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, green bean casserole, stuffing, and cranberry sauce 1 2 .
Nov 18, 2015

What is the least popular Christmas food? ›

Across all states, their findings showed that the least popular Christmas foods are persimmon pudding (13%) and fruitcake (25%).

What do Americans make for Christmas dinner? ›

Traditional American Christmas dinner food. The traditional American Christmas dinner is very similar to a Thanksgiving dinner. It usually includes a stuffed bird (turkey is the most common), with gravy and some classic sides.

What foods do Mexicans eat on Christmas? ›

Mexican Christmas food spans enchiladas, pozole, tamales, and plenty of desserts. These are our favorite recipes for flavorful versions of those dishes from Mexican chefs, along with a few festive drinks. Start a tamale making tradition, warm up with pozole this winter, and enjoy enchiladas everyone will love.

What is the most popular Christmas treat? ›

The winner: cheesecake, coming out on top in 28 states.

Wisevoter, a bipartisan educational platform, delved into America's favorite Christmas treats this year by state. Cheesecake won the Christmas favorite this year by coming out on top in 28 states, followed by sugar cookies winning the hearts of 17 states.

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